You can feel the love with Mattias Roos

Can You Feel The Love by Swedish keyboard player Mattias Roos is the latest single from the album that is slated for release mid 2022.

Following Commercial Free feat Paul Brown and the equally engaging You Might Need Somebody, there seems little doubt that this new collection of tracks will be the gift that keeps on giving.

Can You Feel The Love has the potential to be his most successful track yet. It puts into sharp focus the penchant Mattias has for sublimely fusing smooth jazz grooves with an authentic old school vibe that first emerged in 2011 with the band Soweco that he formed with drummer Peter Gustavsson.

Now, in the artistically friendly con fines of Skytown Records, he is simply going from strength to strength.

Can You Feel The Love finds Roos in superb collaboration with regular members of his supporting entourage, sax-man Greger Hillman, guitarist Ingemar Aberg, Wictor Persson on drums, and bass player Dwayne “Smitty” Smith.

All up this track captures the trade mark groove that Mattias has made is own. A solid beat, driving bass, and a perfect balance between the Mattias’ light touch on the piano and Greger’s energetic sax. Oh, and a slightly 80s feel thanks to a jabbing synth in the opening bar…


...the host of the Just Jazz radio show, a writer, and voice over artist.

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