Would you like to write for Just Jazz?

The Just Jazz show and this website are run as a labour of love by Steve Hart to help share new jazz releases.

If you enjoy writing, and would like to submit articles about jazz, then we’d welcome to the opportunity to consider your work for publication.

There is no payment available, as Just Jazz is run as a hobby, we can’t offer to raise your profile, draw attention of your work to millions of people, or promise gold and diamonds in the future.

But if you have a passion for any kind of jazz, and have something positive to say about artists, songs past and present, and can keep articles to no more than about 500 words – then do please consider Just Jazz as an outlet for your passion.

Of course, you will get a byline as the author of the work, and (if you want) we’d include your photo, two-line bio, and a link to your website or social media page.

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