Time is Now

Maelan Abran
Maelan Abran

On her stylistically eclectic, highly autobiographical new album TIME IS NOW, multi-talented Hawaiian vocalist and poetically insightful songwriter Maelan Abran invites us into a unique, sonically dynamic world.

She balances exquisite and vulnerable romantic expressions with edgy social consciousness, an impactful feeling of pop/soul/jazz fired hope and thoughtful, heart wrenching and motivating imagery reflecting on her roots growing up on the Big Island.

Adding to the epic, sometimes dreamy and atmospheric, other times, swinging and funky vibe is a beautiful piano and orchestra interlude that serves as a sweeping break between the collection’s powerful dramatic narratives.

Helping shape the fascinating soundscapes is Abran’s Grammy nominated co-writer and producer Marlin “Hookman” Bonds, best known for his work with pop superstars Jason Derulo, Swizz Beatz, Jay Sean and Chris Brown.       

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