Thomas Doyal – Soul Soirée

Here’s Thomas Doyal and his latest song featuring Vince Broomfield – Soul Soirée. Thomas is an unsigned artists living in Florida. He produces music and curriculum for education and has a doctorate in education. He’s a member of BMI and the Nashville Songwriters Association.

Thomas has been a working musician since the late 1970s and has been writing and recording music since the early 1980s. His career expanded to teaching elementary school and after receiving his Master’s degree in Library Science he has enjoyed running the library and media centre at an elementary school in South Florida where he is still working. During this time he attained his Doctorate in Education with a focus in Curriculum Design.

He is skilled and adept at writing music for most every genre; from contemporary to country , R&B to Christian, to sports themes and children’s music. Dr. Doyal (aka Dr. T) has been able to craft great music with compelling, catchy, and clever lyrics.

His original music and curricula is being used in numerous schools to facilitate the teaching mandate of Character Education. Dr. T’s original music has played world-wide on some of the largest global networks throughout Europe, the UK and North America.

He has also shared his musical talents with various Christian fellowships serving as their worship leader.

Steve Hart

Steve Hart, the host of Just Jazz.