The gentle sound of Spanish Steps

GTF‘s third full length album Watch Your Step may have been delayed but the California jazz ensemble is releasing some cracking singles from this album (they may as well wait to re-title it GTF’s Greatest Hits 2022).

Spanish Steps is the 4th single from the highly anticipated new release, and features the exceptional saxophone of John Rekevics. With his raspy, Gato Barbieri-like performance, this exotic new tune promises to set your spirit to wanderlust. 

The six-piece ensemble is led by its namesakes, George and Tracy Franklin. George is a noteworthy vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who plays bass, keyboards and guitar, while his songwriting partner and associate producer Tracy also contributes backing vocals. 

The group includes two San Diego musical icons, producer Richard “Blitz” Livoni and the aforementioned John Rekevics as well as acclaimed New Orleans-based keyboardist John Cain, Detroit’s own star drummer Ron Otis, plus Juan Escovedo of the famed Escovedo Family turns the beat on percussion.

Watch this space for the full album drop…Meanwhile, here’s Spanish Steps…

GTF is a group whose core dynamic is driven by the intersection and intuitive chemistry of musical talents from Northern and Southern California and beyond.

“Tracy and I feel blessed and are amazed at how our paths have crossed with so many incredible artists, with whom have become friends,” George says. “We’re excited to be back at it, releasing a few singles as we work toward our next CD.”

GTF started out as a concept by George and Tracy in which they could write and produce their music – but it has evolved into more of a true band, with all members contributing in the writing, arranging and production of the music. 

The group traces its origins back to 1997, when George met Richard while playing on a friend’s recording at Richard’s Blitz Studio in San Diego.  After working on several projects and developing a camaraderie with Richard, George and Tracy decided to launch their own group concept.  Richard introduced them to both Johns, and the chemistry was immediate when they began playing together.

Tracy says: “All the guys are down to earth, genuine and quite humble, the “click” with each one, and collectively, was meant to be.  “We believe we have developed a unique style and everyone has dialed into the process.”

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