Spontaneous Groovin’ Combustion – All’s Well

In early 2021 Spontaneous Groovin’ Combustion – the intensely funky ensemble led by veteran composer, producer, and saxophonist Warren A. Keller, released their self-titled debut album featuring four previously released hit singles.

The first offering from their second album is the supremely uplifting, joyful jam, “All’s Well” – produced by fellow genre hitmaker Blake Aaron, which delivers exactly the hopeful message that our weary ears need to hear.

While it’s a total group effort featuring Keller’s always emotional, punch-filled sax playing, and the lively drumming of Tony Moore – the spirited track is a dynamic showcase for guest bassist Brendan Rothwell, who carries the high-octane melodic flow, before engaging in some colorful conversation with Keller, leaving us with the feeling that all is indeed well.

Steve Hart

...the host of the Just Jazz radio show.