Ralph Johnson of earth, Wind and Fire talks to Steve Hart about his latest smooth jazz single.

Ralph Johnson of Earth, Wind & Fire talks smooth jazz

I grew up listening to Earth, Wind & Fire’s dance music and played plenty of it as a club DJ in the 1980s.

Lots of the group’s music is still doing the rounds thanks to remixed versions bringing them up to date with added drums, percussion and synth embellishments – there really are some excellent remixes around; many released last year and a few so far this year.

Ralph Johnson was 19 when he auditioned for Maurice White to be the band’s drummer. Ralph is 68 now, and like EWF, is still going strong.

Ralph Johnson talks about his career in Earth, Wind & Fire as well as a move into smooth jazz…

Ralph has moved into smooth jazz with the release Co-Swagit with singer Andréa Lisa. I was privileged to speak with Ralph about his career and passion for jazz.