Syndicated radio show with Steve Hart
Syndicated radio show with Steve Hart


Download generic audio Just Jazz promos in a zip file here.

Want a custom show promo recorded? Send me your script via the contact form; include the Just Jazz broadcast day and time, station name, your catch line, frequency, etc…

Here are two example scripts:

Cut 1: This is Station Name – good evening, I’m Steve Hart and welcome to Just Jazz. (can be played just prior to show starting)
Cut 2: This is Steve Hart and it’s time for an hour of cool jazz. Want to find out more about me or the show? You can find me on Facebook and of course we are live streaming at – website URL etc.

Need a Just Jazz logo at a specific size for your website? Let me know the dimensions and I’ll see what I can do…

If you are still using the old Cool Nights logos then please update with a Just Jazz one (thanks)

Steve’s quick bio for your website:

Steve Hart is the host of Just Jazz and plays a mixture of new releases, smooth jazz, jazz funk, and grooves as well as cool classics dating back to the 1980s. Steve enjoys hearing from listeners with their requests and dedications, there’s a fun quiz, and occasional artist interviews.

 The Just Jazz syndicated radio show with Steve Hart
Just Jazz logo for Steve Hart's radio show
The word Jazz has a white keyline, transparent background and dove logo.
Just Jazz host, Steve Hart.
Steve Hart
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Just Jazz host, Steve Hart.
Just Jazz radio show logo
Just Jazz radio show logo