Paolo Rustichelli enjoys a glittering success

The son of the Italian three-time Oscar nominee, Carlo Rustichelli, Paolo Rustichelli is one of the pioneers of the chillout and smooth jazz genres.

He started his career at age 16, working simultaneously as a soundtrack composer and as a rock keyboard player with the album Opera Prima on RCA Records.

As a teenage prodigy, Paolo pioneered the use of the mono synth ARP 2600 and Moog in albums and movies.

In 1991 he moved from Rome to Los Angeles, and four years later released the solo album Mystic Jazz (called Capri in the US) which was the first European jazz-rock album released worldwide by PolyGram.

Paolo achieved further success creating the “Chill Out music” genre with albums Mystic Jazz and Mystic Man, which proved to be extremely influential for smooth jazz progressive style.

In 1997 he released the album Mystic Man, which featured the legendary Miles Davis, Carlos Santana, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Andy Summers and the disco diva Jill Jones.

In February 2014 his single Med Groove topped the Smooth Jazz Charts, being also an Amazon Top Sellers for three months – making the track one of the smooth jazz’s biggest hits of the year.  

Glitter is the latest release from this multi-talented keyboardist/composer.

Paolo, plays all the instruments, in addition to composing, producing, and mixing.

The track provides an uplifting, refreshing sonic vibe, with Paolo saying Glitter is a tribute to the past 70 years of the greatest pop bands.

One listen and you’ll understand why Santana said in a Billboard interview that Paolo’s music is a soundtrack for life.

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