Maysa releases third cut from Music For Your Soul

Maysa releases third cut from Music For Your Soul

From recording and performing with Stevie Wonder and singing with Incognito, Maysa Leak has been an essential innovator on the R&B/Smooth Jazz landscape.

Evolving as a songwriter and producer, she launched the Blue Velvet Soul label in 2018 to manage her music and marketing.

“I wasn’t getting the kind of publicity or marketing backup for my albums that I thought I deserved, and I just thought if they are going to just throw my music out there, I might as well just throw it out there too and own it,” Maysa says. “That is what prompted me to start my own record label. I thought why not.”

On her first studio album in six years, she defies industry convention with Music For Your Soul, an epic 19 song, personal and spiritual journey that boldly unleashes the depths and fullness of her artistry.

“My colleagues told me don’t do this – don’t put 19 songs on the album because nobody has that kind of attention span anymore.”

Which probably why having her own label and running the marketing herself means she can ignore advice and push ahead with what she believes is right for her.

“I am going to do full length albums for the rest of my career,” says Maysa. “I don’t want to do the EPs. I want to give people the experience that I had growing up. I loved my albums. I loved listening to both sides [of a vinyl record].”

Runnin' from Myself

Runnin’ From Myself is the third single release from the album. It motors along nicely, driven by a hunting bass line, great percussion, and of course Maysa’s pristine singing.

With danceable up-tempo – as well as cool slow jams, silky romantic ballads, soul-gospel and even a torchy reworking of a Stevie Wonder song – Music For Your Soul features guest turns by the likes of Chris Walker, Chieli Minucci and Kirk Whalum.

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