Lowell Hopper’s tender touch

While old paradigm music industry protocol dictated that recording artists should limit themselves to a single album a year – so as not to over-saturate the market – the indie-minded Lowell Hopper is blissfully answering to a higher muse these days.

Only three months after releasing his brisk, feel good album Another Hot Summer Night, the wildly prolific, adventurously melodic and groove intensive guitarist graces us with the equally infectious, uplifting and sweetly romantic Tender Touch.

As always, his trademark tonal blend, sitting nicely between crackling and silky, offers a wide palette of engaging tones and moods. Now, more than three decades and 21 albums into his recording career, the 20-year Air Force vet turned Smooth Jazz hit maker is soaring higher and more creatively than ever.

With his haunting melodies, funky bass, and beats; Hopper’s music creates an audio tapestry the listener can’t help but be drawn into.

From original compositions to marvelous renditions of classics, he has been charming audiences around the world for 30 years with tender ballads, transcendent instrumentals, and powerful renditions of R&B and jazz classics. 

He does what he does because he loves doing it. It is his desire to share his love of music that has motivated Hopper to keep performing and producing quality music.

Growing up in Virginia, Hopper was introduced to music at an early age and began playing guitar at age six. He was playing guitar and bass in RnB and blues bands in night clubs by age 15.

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