Lori Nicely releases Somebody with Justin Young

Lori Nicely
Lori Nicely

Lori Nicely is a Washington DC area based composer, arranger, and producer whose versatile, lush piano and instrumental music offers a unique experience and escape.

Lori’s music has been on Top 10 commercial radio including Adult Contemporary / Smooth Jazz (single “Our Secret”), on TV, and used in TV / media awards shows (The Gracie Awards in New York), and in the Peabody Award winning “American Presidents: Life Portraits” series.  

Her “Best Climate Change” music video recently got the attention of producers at WaterBear Network, the “Netflix” for environmental videos, who have added her as a composer for potential future projects.

 Lori’s music has been compared to pop icon “Hit Man” David Foster, for her strong melodies, lyrical piano, and lush instrumentation. She worked directly with Foster’s sax player for movie soundtracks and pop hits, David Boruff, who was a featured soloist on several of her tracks, among them “Our Secret” and “When You Are Here”.  

Lori’s music videos are “mini movies” about modern life, relationships, and love, supported by her uniquely beautiful and moving soundtracks. Her music and videos “tell a story without words” and cross several genres, ages, and demographics, appealing to audiences in pop, Smooth Jazz, contemporary piano instrumental, and film soundtrack. 

For Lori’s 2023 new radio single release “Somebody”, which she describes as a “feel good, piano-sax, funk-pop smooth jazz song”, she features the talented and energetic Justin Young, whose sax playing is as versatile and appealing as Lori’s songwriting.

Young is a regular performer in Las Vegas, which has become one of the world’s top cities for live music, and has been on Billboard Jazz Chart. Lori and Justin’s co-producing of “Somebody”, essentially a “coast to coast” effort, reflects the original recording by Lori and studio musicians in the Washington DC area with mixing and mastering, and sax, of course, at Young’s “JustnTime” Recording Studios in Vegas. The music video for “Somebody” is as equally “feel good” as the song!

Lori continues to create strong melodies and looks to engage top performers in Smooth Jazz and pop.

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