Kim Scott’s Magic City Streets

Jazz flutist Kim Scott holding her flute with both hands.
Jazz flutist Kim Scott.

It’s been 12 years since Kim Scott joined the ranks of emerging smooth jazz artists, and since then she has continued to establish her presence across the genre – thanks in part to her many successful live performances and albums.

Her latest offering – the whimsy-filled Magic City Streets – continues to capture the whirlwind of positive energy that surrounds her. Scott has, in her way, helped re-established the flute as a lead instrument since it fell out of favour in the late 1960s and early 1970s. She’s taken it from cheesy to enchanting.

Last year, she earned her third #1 Billboard single with Shine! – the title cut from her fifth album that hit #1 on Smooth Jazz Global’s 2022 Top 100 albums chart.

A sought-after performer in classical and jazz, she’s a also flute professor at the Alabama School of Fine Arts.

In Magic City Streets, co-written by Paul Brown and Shane Theriot, Scott’s silky fluttering melody floats over a deep groove and understated synths – laying the foundation for her forthcoming album – Livin’ It Up.

Scott has performed on the stages of Blues Alley, Seabreeze Jazz Festival, Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz, Catalina Jazztrax, and more as a soloist.

She is also a member of the all-female jazz supergroup Jazz in Pink, alongside other musicians such as keyboardist Gail Jhonson and violinist Karen Briggs.

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