James ‘PJ’ Spraggins releases first album in 8 years

Stick it Out is the new sound from drummer James ‘PJ’ Spraggins (ft Eric Dubose) and is the title track from his first album in eight years.

The title is a clever double entendre, referring to Spraggins’ powerful virtuosity on the drums and the core of a positive, faith-based message reflecting his determination to overcome personal challenges.

Having achieved a lifelong dream by playing behind Peabo Bryson on the 2023 Soul Train Cruise, Spraggins – who has also worked with Eric Essix and Kim Scott – uses his latest recordings to showcase not only his rhythmic prowess but his gifts as a composer of ultra-melodic ballads and mid-tempo funk adventures.

While most of the positive-titled tunes feature lead guitar, keyboards and sax, the drummer includes two exciting drum interludes where he gets to demonstrate his true talent with the sticks.

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