Here’s a bright forecast for the Jazz Funk Soul trio

The hipster shades donned by Everette Harp, Paul Jackson, Jr. and Jeff Lorber on the cover of Forecast, the fourth album by the trio that’s collectively known as Jazz Funk Soul, says it all about the high-struttin’, cool and dignified – yet often wild and funkified attitude they bring to the project.

Like the first two JFS projects with the late Chuck Loeb and Life and Times (the first one featuring Jackson), the collection offers a master class in the best that contemporary urban jazz can offer – the dynamic emotional highs and lows, tight, edgy grooves, silky seduction, and explosive solos by each member.

Beyond the in the pocket radio friendly fare, the trio fashion a down home front porch blues/gospel burner and a lush, lilting ballad paying homage to Loeb’s character and artistry.

The first track to be released from Forecast as a single is Hustle…

Jazz Funk Soul formed in the mid-2010s and released two albums with 2014’s Grammy-nominated Jazz Funk Soul and 2016’s More Serious Business.

After Loeb’s death in 2017, guitarist Paul Jackson, Jr. joined for 2019’s Life and Times and 2022’s Forecast, both of which honored Loeb and continued to showcase the trio’s hooky, groove-oriented sound.

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