Foss Doll gets it on with Night Flight

German duo Foss Doll.
Foss Doll

Aptly titled Get It On, the seductive, sonically vibey and whimsically funk-filled debut album from German duo Foss Doll is more than a smashing introduction to the popular Eurocentric band led by cousins Thomas (piano) and Matthias (saxophone) Bartylla.

Over 10 adventurous tracks – including Night Flight featuring hit trumpeter Lin Rountree – the duo takes listeners on a fascinating autobiographical journey from their musical ancestry and education through the launch of their band and life-changing performance at Germany’s high profile Bambi Awards.

Featuring stylish piano, live drum grooves, as well as funky bass lines, the casually played saxophone and vocal highlights characterise the band which performs effortlessly across genres such as jazz, pop, disco, and house.

The name Foss Doll came very late one night by a friend’s slip of the tongue, he asked them to play a piece in “Foss Doll”, instead of “F sharp major” or “F sharp minor”, says the band (I guess you had to be there).

Thomas and Matthias have been making music together since they were children, and both worked in the theatre group of the local high school in numerous productions as musicians and/or actors. After graduating from high school, the two moved to the Netherlands to study jazz and pop music.

They regularly play shows where they share the stage with the likes of Götz Alsmann, Celine Dion, Peter Maffay, Mary Roos, Graham Bonney, Ottawan, Stevie Woods, One Direction, Giulia Siegel, Andreas Gabalier, Nelson Müller, Mike Leon Grosch, Anna Maria Zimmermann, The Platters, Dante Thomas, Uwe Ochsenknecht and many more.

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