Sax player Eric Knight holding his saxophone while looking down to the ground. There's a pure white backdrop behind him.

Eric Knight – talking without words…

In 2021, Tevin Campbell’s 1993 hit Can We Talk became a social media sensation thanks to a TikTok challenge inviting singers to strut their stuff by singing the iconic chorus.

On the third lead single from his upcoming debut album Cover 2 Cover Vol 1 (after Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy and SWV’s Weak), saxophonist Eric Knight – a veteran sideman for The Rolling Stones, Prince, J. Lo and others – finds a deeper melodic and harmonic freshness in the Babyface co-penned hit.

Starting with a sizzling horn textured hook, the multi-talented performer eases into a slow-burning, laid-back, percussion tinged flow caressed by lush atmospheres.

He infuses the track with a unique blend of edgy and silky melodic horn passion that takes the track on its most resonant emotional journey yet. 

CAN WE TALK - Eric Knight's Debut Full Length Music Video

Knight grew up 40 miles north of NYC in Rockland County. He started playing the saxophone and studying music at the age of 11 when he entered 6th grade. By 7th grade he was playing in the high school bands and by 10th grade he was invited to play in Nyack College’s Orchestra.

Knight attended Western Michigan University on a music scholarship from 1996 through 1998. His focus was on jazz studies and performance.

Dozens of performances with top recording artists and in live shows followed, and then in 2022, Knight and his long time friend Doug Oberhamer got together and created a smooth jazz band called KnightHammer! Their first single Kickin’ It has been played on radio stations all over the world.

Then in September 2022 they released their follow-up single Afterglow which is a more intimate feature of Knight’s sound and approach on sax.