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Dominic Camaradella wearing a new shirt in his studio.
Dominic Camaradella

Having released his debut album Soothe in 2020, composer and multi-instrumentalist Dominic Camaradella is a newcomer to smooth jazz.

Yet as the decades-long owner of Santa Barbara Sound Design, he’s used his dual passions for music and technology to engineer sessions for the likes of Ottmar Liebert, Michael McDonald, Anita Baker, Kenny Loggins, UK 80’s synth pop outfit Depeche Mode and many others.

With the release of the fascinating, globally eclectic, and enchantingly exotic concept album Moments in Time: Temple of Light, he’s launching an ambitious new contemporary urban jazz meets world music fusion series that should establish him as an innovative force in the genre.

With his piano, bass, acoustic guitars, keyboards, and MIDI programming as a foundation, he creates balmy, Mediterranean, even spiritual-minded magic with the likes of saxophonist Gary Meek and Grammy-winning violinist Charlie Bisharat.

Born in Mount Vernon, New York and raised in the north Bronx, NY, Camardella is a true New Yorker at heart.

New Yorkers tend to ‘wear their heart on their sleeves’ which may seem like an overused cliché but in his case aptly describes his exuberance and passion for all things music and related to music performance, recording, mixing, mastering, design, arranging, and production.

“In our lives there exists critical junctures and transitions, situations that we are born into, and evolutionary life opportunity’s that determine much of the outcomes of our lives,” says Camardella.

Temple of Light tells stories. It is a unique collection of stories about internal and external journeys. I am a person living in 2022 having been part of our culture’s musical and sociological world for forty years. I have worked with numerous mainstream brand name popular music artists, jazz artists and world musicians over the course of my career. The result of this has influenced my music significantly, so much so that I refer to it as ‘new fusion music’.”

  • Charlie Bissharat: Violin on ‘Guardian’
  • Davo Bryant: Drums and percussion on ‘Carmelita’, ‘Duende de la Negra Luna’, ‘Guardian’, ‘The Alhambra’, and ‘Whispers in the Wind’
  • Jonathan Dane: Trumpet and Flugel Horn on ‘Duende de la Negra Luna’ and ‘Prayer for Mankind (Part 1: Hope)’
  • Tomas Del Toro Diaz: Electric Guitars on ‘Surely U Gest’
  • Mychal Lomas: Electric Bass on ‘Whispers in the Wind’
  • Gary Meek: Sax on ‘Carmelita’
  • Alberto Negroni: Guitar on ‘Guardian’
  • Ray Panell: Electric Guitar on ‘Whispers in the Wind’
  • Randy Tico: Fretless Bass on ‘Carmelita’ and ‘Guardian’
  • ZED: Ude on ‘The Alhambra’
  • Dom Camardella: all additional instruments on all titles (Piano, Bass, Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards) and percussion and MIDI programming.
  • Mixed and Mastered by Dom Camardella at Santa Barbara Sound Design

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