Jazz musician D S Wilson.

DS Wilson captures the vibe of life

Skyline is the third smooth jazz album released by D.S. Wilson, and this time he’s teamed up with artist/producer Adam Hawley and an all-star cast featuring Eric Valentine, Mel Brown, Carnell Harrell and T.J.Morris.

The album features a contemporary sound with plenty of catchy melodies, solid grooves and influences from Wilson’s background in rock, pop, and blues.

Wilson says he set out to capture the vibe of life in the bustling city of Chicago, but also draws on themes from his life experiences over the past few years.

Advance singles from the album regularly propelled Wilson into the Smooth Jazz and RadioWave Top 100 charts, as well as a feature on the Dave Koz Lounge radio show on Sirius XM. His latest single, Nightfall, is bound to another success for the sax and piano player.

Wilson’s musical roots began in jazz, but he has played and released multiple albums in various genres, he started playing in rock bands in the ’80s and continued well into the new millennium, logging hundreds of performances.

Nightfall Music Video

He has won the North Carolina Battle of the Bands, was awarded a scholarship to the Berklee School of Music in Boston and worked with Grammy-nominated producer John Custer in the late 1990s. In 2017, Wilson decided to focus on his jazz roots and pursue his solo career and lifelong dream.


Produced by Adam Hawley

Mastered by Steve Hall

D.S. Wilson: Saxophones, Piano, Keys

Adam Hawley: Guitars, Keyboards

Eric Valentine: Drums

Mel Brown: Bass

Carnell Harrell: Keyboards

T.J.Morris: Drums & Percussion

ISRC Code: QZEJX2200010