Carioca – the sound of happiness from Switzerland

Lars (Rüetschi) Taylor, smooth jazz musician based in Switzerland.
Lars (Rüetschi) Taylor, smooth jazz musician based in Switzerland.

Swiss songwriter and recording artist Lars Taylor has hit it out of the park again with another self-penned composition that demonstrates the artist’s skill and intricate guitar playing.

Carioca (a Brazilian dance or someone from Rio de Janeiro) is a bouncy number that gets the feet tapping, almost to the point that you want to get up and dance around the living room. It’s solid with a hint of whimsy and some cheeky improvisations just when you don’t expect them. Masterful.

A gentle and light intro belies the true power of this song as it gains momentum, building interest every few bars.

On the surface, it’s a simple tune, but Taylor’s embellishments of his own work is a joy to behold. There’s so many twists and turns that the track keeps the listener engaged from start to finish – and if you’re like me – as soon as it ends you’ll want to press ‘play’ again.

Not only is Taylor’s lead guitar performance impressive, but his performance on other instruments is faultless. Not only that, the stereo mix is something others could easily learn from. Pure perfection.

Taylor began his musical career in the 1990s; moving from his native Switzerland to work as a popular and versatile session guitarist and keyboard player in Berlin.

Back then he was known as Lars Rüetschi (his real name) and was kept busy in the studio – playing on many hits with popular artists of the day, and as a live performer – until around 2009.

Following a break of a few years he returned to writing and recording music in his home studio, based in a quiet Swiss village – well away from the frantic life of a big city.

Although he prefers not to be placed in any music genre, he is developing a strong fan base among the smooth jazz set.

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