Bassist Byron Miller.

Byron Miller takes it To The Floor

To The Floor is the new single from ace bassist Byron Miller’s eagerly awaited Motor City Love, the phenomenal fourth movement in his inspired and acclaimed Psychobass series of full album projects.

This feel-good ditty was composed and produced by longtime Miller collaborator Chris “Big Dog” Davis. So infectious is To The Floor that it could only come from a smoothly jazzy Detroit slick alchemist whose chemistry has graced the work of artists ranging from Najee, Will Downing, Chanté Moore, and Richard Elliott to Funkadelic ringmaster George Clinton himself. 

To The Floor finds Miller pluckin’ and thumpin’ funk fortified sunshine out of his signature MTB line of electric basses over the digitized keyboard, synthesizer, and drum tracks of producer Davis, including some righteously rhythmin’ guitar. The aural effect is straight up charismatically Courageous Cat in the Key of B.

The album, Psychobass 4: Motor City Love (featuring keyboardist Herman Jackson, guitarist Paul Jackson Jr. and saxophonist Walter Beasley for whom Miller recently produced his album, Meet Me at My Place) slated for release on July 22, B’s Birthday.

To the Floor