About Steve

Steve Hart of Just Jazz with the EV27N/D microphone.

Steve Hart – the host of Just Jazz

Steve Hart is the host of the Just Jazz radio show that’s broadcast by dozens of FM, DAB, and digital stations worldwide.

The former professional club DJ kept the dance floors busy at leading venues across the UK, including the iconic Nero’s 2000 in Ramsgate; Woody’s, Sheerness; Oceans II, Hythe, and in Southend – Electric Blue, Zhivago’s, Zero 6, High Society; Tropics, Benfleet’s iconic The Sam Lords, numerous ‘raves’, as well as countless other pubs and clubs… His fun half-hour set is legendary!

Steve volunteered at Southend Hospital Radio, hosted breakfast at Radio Basildon, did a little pirate radio, recorded weekly news for the blind, and was a Radio Top Shop favourite – hosting daily shows for five years (see below). He had a short stint at stand-up (until he was asked to sit down), and was once spotted on Channel 4 TV (as the interference).

He eventually segued into a career as a news reporter for his local weekly – a job that led to newsroom shifts at BBC Essex and rival commercial station Essex Radio.

He travelled worldwide as a photo-journalist covering stories in France, across China, Hong Kong, Portugal, Norway, Sweden… Steve also spent more than 20 years working for leading news and magazine publishers in New Zealand – including senior editorial positions at the New Zealand Herald. He is currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

Today, Steve continues working as a writer, voice over artist, and shares his selection of the best jazz via his weekly Just Jazz radio show that’s been picked up by almost 100 broadcasters.

Before Just Jazz there was the Steve Hart Radio Show (news and documentary), then came Cool Nights which ran for three years. Starting out as a news and music magazine show, during the course of 180 episodes it morphed into a jazz programme and prompted the show’s name change to Just Jazz in 2020.

Radio Top Shop

Launched in the early 1980s, Radio Top Shop was a closed-circuit ‘radio’ service heard in the larger Top Shop / Top Man fashion retail stores across the UK.