Steve Hart – all you need to know and less…

Steve is the host of Just Jazz, a radio show that’s syndicated to almost 100 stations worldwide.

The former professional DJ managed to entertain UK club-goers across London, Essex and Kent with his choice of music and tomfoolery until the corporations took over in the 90s. He had a short stint at stand-up (until he was asked to sit down), and you may have seen him on UK’s Channel 4 TV (as the interference).

He was a Radio Top Shop presenter for 4 years, volunteered at Southend Hospital Radio, hosted breakfast at Basildon Radio (Gateway), and worked for BBC Essex and Essex Radio.

Steve Hart, radio presenter.

He hosted 80s dance music show The Pleasuredome for three years until 2017, and before Just Jazz there was the Cool Nights show which ran for 180 weekly episodes – starting out as a news and music show – it morphed into a jazz programme (which prompted the show’s name change in 2020).

Steve records his radio programmes in a broom cupboard using an avant-garde arrangement of wooden boxes, string, bits of wire, and elastic bands. He built this website using some code found in a discarded ZX Spectrum.

He would walk over broken glass (with his boots on) for a pint in an old English pub served with Cumberland sausage and chips. Oh, and a traditional English teacake…And a pecan pie from the Iceland shop wouldn’t go amiss either!

He enjoys all-things creative; audio production, VOs, and radio jingles, and is a dab hand at using Reason, Reaper, and Izotope.

When he’s not working he reads non-fiction, sips Black Label (no ice), and plots his revenge.