Evan carydakis, sax player

A taste of paradise with Evan Carydakis

For some artists, a song title such as Paradise Beach might be a metaphorical, sunny fantasy, but for Evan Carydakis, the name of his latest joyous, in the pocket, sizzle funk-driven single is an invitation to an actual beautiful destination.

Working once again with his versatile keyboardist/producer Michael Whittaker, the Tasmanian saxophonist (born in Melbourne, Australia) and rising smooth jazz artist is in a lighthearted celebratory mood from the energising start, extolling the glorious, calming yet fast swirling virtues of the Greek isle of Mykonos.

From the punchy blast of sunlight in the first notes and grooves (courtesy of powerhouse drummer Stacey Sydnor), the track offers a soundtrack to a fun day on the white sand – and the buzzing party atmosphere of the bars and clubs after hours.

Paradise Beach