Knick Smith romances the groove

There’s so much going on in Knick Smith‘s latest single release, but it’s so well balanced you aren’t bewildered by it.

Clean, clear, and intricate, the title track from his album – Romance – delivers just the right amount of flourishes and embellishment to keep the track interesting while it pulls the listener along on a journey of effortless rises and falls.

Driven by Smith’s perfectly fluid synth and flawless piano performances, his latest album showcases original compositions as well as covers made famous by the likes of Prince (1999) and Barry White’s Can’t Get Enough of Your Love (featuring Jeff Robinson and Kevin Turner).

Smith, born in Cleveland Ohio, has been an active performer since 2004 and states he’s hard to work with “…When I play music, it’s serious business”.

“I give my all,” he says. “I expect others to do the same. I don’t have a problem letting others know when they have not lived up to their hype.”

In Romance, Smith offers up the perfect fusion of grooving jams, innovative keyboard musings and sparkling improvisations. Joining him on selected tracks are vocalists Jeff Robinson, Lynne Fiddmont and famed percussionist Munyungo Jackson.

Smith is skilled at several musical genres including Latin, Rhythm & Blues, Rock, and Country.

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